PortToPort Online

Existing users can access to PortToPort Online here:

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Features include:

  • Multi-Port Voyages
  • Distances to and within ECA, Loadline Zones etc
  • Editable routes provide distances to any location
  • Full control over routing between ports
  • Voyage Reporting
  • Marine Information Map Overlays
  • Port Finder


Pricing is based on an annual subscription model; users purchase a block of distance calculations that are valid for up to one year. Multiple users can share a subscription. For more details see the Online Store page.

Further Details

Please Note

A new web application is currently in development, based on modern web technologies.

PortToPort Online currently relies on the Microsoft Silverlight browser plug-in. This can be used on Windows or Mac platforms. Some web browsers such as Chrome no longer support the plug-in, but Internet Explorer and Safari will continue to do so.

The application’s functionality is fully described in the Help System.

Distances are calculated by adding ports to a voyage in the application's Route Builder window.

The application's ability to 'scan' a route to establish its interaction with various geographical areas provides, for example, the ability to calculate distances within ECA zones; distances and ETA information for Loadline zone boundaries etc.

Full control over the routing to be used between ports is available using the Routing Control window with the ability to configure favourite routing points for quicker access to those frequently used.

ETA information for an individual voyage leg or the entire voyage is available from the Voyage Duration window providing control over average speed, weather factors and in port times.

If you are unsure of where a port is located in the world, or what name is used for it in the Distance Tables, the Ports Window provides the functionality normally associated with a Marine Atlas with powerful searching and filter capabilities.

The Backstage View provides access to further functionality, for example Voyage Reporting.